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Running is all about the mind

Started my morning with a run! :>

Been quite a while since I had the motivation! And it is always the times that I run, God speaks to me. Was running under the blazing heat and on the verge of taking a short rest again! It feels as though my legs were giving way already. It kinda reminded how our spiritual lives should be – Just keep running! Doesn’t matter how slow you are, as long as you don’t stop. The heat was partially the reason that I wanted to rest, it’s just like the problems in life that we have, it forces us to give in. Decided to go against it and continue.

Amidst of this blazing heat, I feel the breeze blowing in my direction. Just dawned upon me that it’s like God’s love showering upon me despite of the problems that I am facing. That instance, I felt so loved. God’s ever so faithful in my life! 😀 😀 Zoomed back home the minute I finished my run, because the dark clouds make me feel that is gonna rain any minute. I made that short prayer for God to withhold the rain until I get back home. My prayer didn’t go unanswered. 🙂

Truly thankful for the love and grace that God has showered upon my life. Thank You Lord! 🙂

Busy like a bumble bee

Been immersing myself in work and this explains why this space has been left empty! 22 shifts cleared for Sept! And the counter restarts again! 22 shifts for Oct! 😦 The joy only comes when I receive my pay cheque! Bee and I could hardly meet because his ns schedule just clashes with my work timings! On a good week, we can get meet twice a week and if not none at all. Miss those times when we get to meet almost every single day and really long hours! Pfft, hope for a less busy Oct for him so we can meet more often! Teehee, I guess absence makes the heart grows fonder! :/

Visited Thank God it’s Friday for lunch! Been wanting to visit there! Hehe, no pictures though because I think I was too hungry and I tucked in immediately when the food’s on my table! HAHA.

Ben and Jerry’s after a heavy lunch! Sugary overdoseeee
Only got to meet a couple of hours for a short lunch before he head down for his class. That’s really how pathetic little time we get to meet!

Some peektures before we start on our ice cream, hee

Cancelled our plans for Sat because of his camp > 😦
Wanted to catch a movie at town but the timings just clash!
Drop by Ice Cream Chefs to satisfy my ice cream cravings! Opps, just realise the 2 days of the week that we get to meet, we are eating ice cream! My absolute favourite!

Our ice cream! ❤
Got myself Chippy Mint & Honey Green Tea with maltesers! I think I kinda get hooked with Green tea ice cream, no matter from Haagen Dazs or Blitz or from anywhere, as long as it’s green tea ice cream! (:

He got himself Chocolate & Hershey’s and Horlicks with Rice Crispy! I think is a little chocolatey for my liking! But I think he likes it! (:

Happy us with our ice creams!

Check out my loyalty card! Hehehe, completed one card!

And now embarking on a new one! 😛 Imma dishwasher now, promoting to a junior waitress upon my next purchase! Lol.

Grr, I guess I will just keep visiting every single ice cream shop till I try every shop and every flavour! Hoho, sounds crazy! Sigh but the cold hard truth is ice cream tastes good but makes me grow fat! Been very ill-discipline with my jogging plans! Sourcing for new places to jog! But the busy working schedule isn’t helping either! Need to work on it again! I promise I will! 😀 😀

Had a quick dinner and he’s stuck in camp, again! -.- Poor boy! How nice if we can have a whole day wholly to ourselves!

On a happy note, I am watching Playful Kiss! Kim Hyun Joong ❤ Think is about time for me to start on my videos nao!


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The last time

Never felt this lousy for such a long time! Can’t recall when’s the last time. So drained out by driving. Ironically, is not about how difficult to handle the car, but more to the scoldings from my instructor. Not that I haven’t been thinking how to improve on it, but it takes time. And I really have been trying! Sometimes I just wish that this hardwork (probably not the best effort as yet) will pay off. I know it will, someday, just not as yet. Just hope that this effort I put in, will be able to exchange a slight improvement or the very least, to minimize the scoldings. But then again, things don’t come easy. It requires hardwork! It’s about time that I chuck away all these discouragements and work harder for it! 😀


My blurness is taking a toll on me! That’s bad yknow! I have never been so blur in my life, can’t imagine that I actually went for work when it was supposed to be off day! The worst was just waking up early Sunday and thinking that there’s school! Yknow I was feeling so unprepared to go for work, feeling so lethargic, still got weekly reflection to be completed. Oh and the best part is, I haven’t have the proper time to sit down to read up about the product! So one hour before work, I was reading through the notes and scribble some key points of the product but my brain just refuse to take in. I was so tired that I can hardly hold a pen to write the form! My handwriting’s awful I tell you! But I throw away the form that I wrote on, because my colleague reminded me that I don’t have to work! Uh oh! 😦 In the end, wasted an hour travelling to and fro for nothing!

Grabbed a quick dinner and headed home! Planned to rush out my weekly reflection before I get some eyeshut! Starting the day early tomorrow! 😦